What should you do if you find a bee swarm?

Let an experienced beekeeper relocate the swarm into a hive to make sure they survive.  The last thing you want to do is call an exterminator or use any form of pest control.  The Surrey Beekeepers Association has a list of experienced beekeepers who are eager to relocate the swarm at no cost.


One of the main goals of our group is bee sustainability; so one way you can help the bees is to give us a call so we can relocate the swarm.

Contact Susan: 604-441-5393

We will ask a few questions and request pictures so that we can confirm that the swarm is actually honey bees and not other insects.  We will also need to know the exact location, including the estimated height off the ground.

If you are wondering how to tell if its a Honey Bee or Wasp, check out the following link:   https://www.renfrewshire.gov.uk/article/3990

More About Swarms

Swarms are more common in the months of April to June; beekeepers refer to this time of year as “Swarm Season”.  A bee swarm is the natural process of multiplying colonies.  The urge to swarm happens when a strong colony has outgrown its current hive.  The queen and a large portion of the worker bees leave the hive to start a new colony.  During this time they will often hang off of a branch in a tree and attempt to locate a new hive.

Unfortunately almost all swarms in our area will not survive the winter without proper hive management and treatment from an experienced beekeeper.  That is why we are passionate about swarm relocation.