Below is a list of our current projects. Our bee club has worked on a number of projects in the past and is always interested in looking at new opportunities to work with conscientious businesses or groups to increase the honey bee population.  Contact us if you are interested.

Central City – Bee Hives:
The Central City hive has successfully gone through  two winters now and is  very strong despite a challenging winter and a tip over event.  In 2017 the hive produced a large amount of Honey despite it being its first year.  Now in 2018 one more hive was added and they are both very healthy.

Bees can forage up to 8km, so the 6 story roof top is an excellent place to access the surrounding trees and plants. 

Art Knapp Surrey – Bee Hives:
Two hives were added onto the roof top of one of their buildings at Art Knapps in Surrey.  The hives were installed early in the summer of 2018.  One of our bee club directors is managing the hives and they are thriving.  One of the advantages of this location is that there are many flowers on the Art Knapp property and a large marshland next door.  Its a perfect spot for the bees so a big “Thank You” to Art Knapps for sponsoring these hives.