Next Meeting, March 2018

The next meeting will be on

Wednesday, March 21, 2017
6:30 pm - 9 pm

The Honeybee Centre
7480 176 St, Surrey, BC V3S 7B1

Feeding and/or
Single Hive Management

Surrey Beekeepers Association in the News

The Now Newspaper wrote about our Field Day. See the article at

Surrey beekeepers have a field day - and results sweeter than ever

Thank you Eva for setting this up!

Canadian Honey Council Handbook

Modern beekeeping requires beekeepers to keep track of a lot of information to meet current regulations for bee biosecurity and food safety. One of the challenges they face is sorting through extensive documents that they are sometimes overwhelming and confusing. The Canadian Beekeepers’ Practical Handbook to Bee Biosecurity and Food Safety is a new tool to help beekeepers keep track of the information needed to meet current regulations. It is available on the Canadian Honey Council (CHC) website ( on the left hand panel under “Beekeepers’ Handbook).

Read more: Canadian Honey Council Handbook

The Schmitzel Bee Garden

When I came off the Bee Masters Course (see my article at, I started to look around at our urban environment with a slightly different point of view: What’s there for bees, and more in general, for pollinators. I live in Surrey, and the city has a lot of green spaces, parks and gardens. The city is proud of these spaces, and until not too long ago, its motto had been City of Parks.

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