Surrey Beekeepers Association December 2015

Another year, almost gone. As usual it was unique, and therefore presented us with unique challenges. Your bees are hopefully cozied
up and have winter-feed in their reach. We will talk briefly about winter feeding at the upcoming meeting. We will also touch on some
of the things you can or should be doing over the winter to give your bees a head start.

The world is sitting together in Paris arguing about how we need to behave, such that we will not disturb the delicate balance in nature.
As bee stewards this does affect us closely. We see the consequences of changing weather patterns for our bees and we
need to adapt in our beekeeping efforts. We do have an obligation to speak up for the interest of our bees. Doing it will be in our best interest.

On December 16th, our Christmas meeting, we will get together to celebrate and enjoy the company of our fellow club members. Bring
something to share, be it a story, a song, food, drink, candles, art, you choose. There needs to be joy and happiness. We leave our sorrows at the coat hanger outside.

Looking forward to seeing you December 16th …

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